Motore DC 24V 28rpm encoder e riduttore a vite senza fine

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Chihai CHW-GW4058-3162 hall encoder worm wheel and worm reduction motor for robots and automation equipment


Brand: Chihai Motor

Product Type: CHW-GW4058-3162 Hall Coded Worm Gear Reduction Motor

Type Model Ratio Hall signal
(11 x Ratio)
Voltage No Load At Rated Load Stall
(r/ min)
(r/ min)
A 2480-36 1:36 396 24.0 222 ≤0.25 165 ≤1.3 8.0 ≤4.8 ≥20.0
B 2480-108 1:108 1188 74 55 25.0 Can’t exceed
C 2480-280 1:280 3080 28 23 40.0

(Warning: can’t exceed 40 [4 N.M]. Otherwise, it will cause gear damage.)

Motor Conditions:
Outer Diameter Size: 40mm * 125mm * 35mm (See figure drawing below for details)
Axle Diameter: Outlet Axle Diameter 8mm D Type D Thickness 7mm (batch customizable)
Length of outlet shaft: 15mm D length, 13mm (batch customizable)
Weight: about 350 grams (different deceleration ratios have errors in weight)

Applications: Intelligent robot, electric curtain, intelligent balancing car, intelligent manipulator, etc.

Ensoders conflg:

Type AB dual phase incremental encoder
Pulse outputs of rotation Basic pulse 11 PPR x Gear reduction ratio
Power supply voltage DC 3.3V/ DC5.0V
Basic function With the pull-up shaping resistor, the single-chip microcomputer can be used
Interface type PH2.0-6PIN (Provide wiring)
Output signal type Square wave AB phase
Basic pulse number 11 PPR
Number of trigger poles of magnetic 22 poles (11 pairs of poles)
Pin NO. Connection Port Definition
P1 Motor power input M1
P2 Gnd holzer power input-(5.0V/3.3V)
P3 A phase of C1 encoder signal
P4 B phase of C2 encoder signal
P5 VCC holzer power input+(5.0V/3.3V)
P6 Motor power input M2

– Worm gear and worm deceleration mechanism;
– All-metal spur gear structure;
– Magnetic Hall encoder AB dual-phase.

Package Included:
1 x Hall Coded Worm Gear Reduction Motor

Informazioni aggiuntive

Giri al minuto

28rpm, 74rpm, 222rpm


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